How do we do it?

Often, the process of buying a home is made more stressful because it is perceived that way. Purchasing a home is a simple decision and with the proper guidance, made even simpler. 

All we do is help you take advantage of programs already in place. We are buyer's agents and we utilize strategic partnerships to get you into your brand new home.

Builders: We only partner with builders that guarantee their workmanship, qualify for incentives (i.e. $0 Down programs, pay closing costs, etc...), and build high-quality, move-in ready homes.

Lenders: We only partner with lenders that are certified for particular incentive programs and go the extra mile to get you approved.


Loans are subjective. After you purchase a home you will then apply for a mortgage. During your mortgage application, you will be required to submit documents that explain your financial history and situation. This information will be put into a pretty little package and given to an underwriter who will determine whether or not you qualify. Often times, negative aspects of your situation like derogatory credit and gaps in employment can be explained with a letter.