Our builders provide a 10 year structural warranty on their homes. Your new home is subject to multiple inspections throughout the construction process. In the rare instance something goes wrong, help is just a phone call away.



Homes that are newer are trusted by insurance companies to have less issues. For this reason, they tend to charge considerably less for homeowner's insurance. What you do with the savings is up to you.


Depending on the age, older homes aren't subject to the same stringent codes that new ones are. Newer homes are designed to keep your bills low. It's good for your wallet and your planet.


With a new home, you will be the first to occupy it. This means you will be living in a home with no strange smells and without years of another families skin cells all over the place.


Many programs require an inspection to insure that a used home is acceptable to purchase. Necessary repairs and code violations can prevent you from purchasing the home and it might be a while into the process until you find out. With a new home, this will not be a concern.